čtvrtek, 24 listopad 2022 10:30

Our visit to Prague Castle


We are preparing for our Maturita in the English language in different ways. For being good at answering the question about Prague and the Czech republic I chose the personal visit to Prague Castle.

We were travelling to Prague on Wednesday November 16, with the class 4. EP and our program was to go through Prague Castle with a guide, to see and learn about details of St. Veit´s Cathedral, Old King Palace and St.George Basilica. Our guide Jana was really very kind and showed us round. At St. Veit´s Cathedral we could admire a big glass window decorated by Alfons Mucha, the oldest part founded by Charles IV., the silver tomb of Johann Nepomuk, St Wenceslas Chapel and learn who has the 7 keys of the Crown Jewelry chambre.

At the old King Palace we could enter i.e. the Wladislaw Hall, where all Czech official gatherings are held or the Office, where the 2nd defenestration took place from.

And last but not least St.George basilica, that hes been standing at this place since the year 920. Very profound place with old frescos and the tomb of St.Ludmila, the grandmother of St.Wenceslas.

These places are really gorgeous and as a group of students we could visit them for a very kind price. Me, Mr.Bárta, the form teacher and the students  enjoyed the trip and relaxed after it the next day – a day of public holiday.